How to Become an SEO Expert by Ownself


Nowadays everyone wants to be SEO Expert, But the question that everyone asks themselves is how to become an SEO Expert and what are the steps needs to be followed to become an SEO Specialist. Well after reading this article you will surely be able to improve your SEO Skills and soon you can become an SEO Expert.

What is SEO Expert

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert analyses and audits your complete website and find all the On-Page and Off-Page SEO Problems and fix them accordingly. So that Search Engine can understand your website well and improve your website search ranking in all search results.

Why You Want to Become an SEO Expert

Before going further the very first thing you should know why you want to become an SEO Expert. If you are aware of some basic SEO steps. Then you must know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

An SEO Expert Audits and Optimize a website to find all the website weaknesses why the website is not ranking on Search Engine. After performing and analyzing the website the SEO Expert fixes all the Small weakness problem of the website so that your website improves your search ranking and you get maximum traffic from various search engines.

In simple words, an SEO Expert is the one who knows how what is SEO and how does it work to increase the ranking of a website in all search engines.

Benefits of Becoming an Expert in SEO

If you are wondering that after becoming an SEO Expert you will easily rank your website and help others to provide SEO Services. Well, you are completely wrong because there are many different benefits of becoming an expert in SEO.

Here are some basic following benefits of becoming an Expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Never ever depend on SEO Agency: If you are planning to be an SEO Expert then you really don’t need any SEO Agency to do it by yourself in your own blog.

Save Your Money: Start your blogging career using Blogger or WordPress website instead of buying the domain and hosting first learn from the free domain and hosting once you have good knowledge start investing.

Boosting and Increasing Traffic: After you follow the guidelines you will be able to boost and increase your website traffic easily from the search engine. If you know the SEO is deep then it’s really easy to rank any of the keywords on a search engine.

Freelancing has a better future: Nowadays business owners are hiring a freelancer for doing SEO for their website to rank on the first page of Google they pay a good amount of money you can also be a freelancer and earn some extra money while blogging.

So here you must have understood all the benefits of being an SEO Expert.

Basic Steps to Become an SEO Expert

Before going ahead and getting all the basic steps to become an SEO expert, you need to understand that becoming an SEO expert is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work and skills at becoming an expert SEO.

Here are those basic steps to become an SEO expert. Let me describe each step one by one so you get a better understanding.

  • Understanding what is web

Before becoming an SEO expert you first need to know more about what is a web?

The web is a common name for (World Wide Web) it’s just one way to share information over the internet such as emails, messages, File Transfer etc. Understand more about On-Page and Off-Page SEO for ranking a website or a blog and learn what backlinks are.

  • Understanding how a search engine works

You need to understand how does search engine works and how does Google crawl the websites on the first page when a user searches something over the internet and he gets the result.

  • Understanding the true meaning of SEO

Most of them think that SEO is nothing but it is a process of ranking keywords and building backlinks that’s it. No, you are wrong you are not doing SEO to rank a website and get traffic.

Now that every website owner wants more and more traffic, but they are not focusing on getting the traffic you need to write such content that all your small traffic is turned into recurring daily visitors.

Your goal should be more on providing real content and correct information, so that your visitor is satisfied with what information you have provided and are happy to visit your website or blog again keep updating new article daily or 2-3 in a week for better such result.

Updates about SEO

  • Updates with new SEO Change

Search Engine Optimization is not static at all wherein Google changes the polices update and launches new algorithms for its users to provide the best results on every search engine. All search engines have their own ranking and algorithms factor.

Google makes more than 200+ changes in their algorithms per year, but some of the algorithms are confirmed and some are unconfirmed. So while doing SEO we need to follow all the new instruction and accept the new algorithms.

The best and easiest way to stay up to date about new SEO changes is to follow some popular SEO blogs or a Forum here are some blogs and forums you can follow. Google Blog, Google Webmaster Blogs or Search Engine Land all are the best-updated blogs.

  • Best Popular Tools for SEO

It’s great to become a Seo expert but you need to know what are the best SEO tools to understand better find out some popular free and paid SEO tools below.

  1. Google Analytics (FREE)
  2. SEMrush (PAID)
  3. Grammarly (FREE/PAID)
  4. Google Webmaster Tools (FREE)
  5. AddThis (FREE) For Sharing Blogs
  6. Ahrefs (FREE/PAID)

What is SEO Sub Components or Techniques

  1. Technical SEO: For Crawling and Indexing (Web Pages / Blogs)
  2. On-Page SEO: For Page Optimization
  3. Off-Page SEO: For Promoting Website or a Blog

To be an Expert in SEO you need to understand all the Components and Techniques let me describe these to you step by step.

Technical SEO: It refers to the process and optimizes a website for crawling and indexing. So each search engines can easily access, they crawl and index your website without any problems.

On-Page SEO: Is the process of optimizing each page or post on a website or a blog. Before doing the Off-page SEO, we need to make sure that the website or a blog is 100% On-Page and SEO Friendly.

  • On-Page SEO Expert Techniques

Off-Page SEO: It refers to improving the position in the search engine result page (SERPs), Off-Page SEO is link building not only that in general, But Off-Page SEO also has to do lots of promotions beyond creating a website or a blog.

  • Off-Page SEO Expert Techniques
  1. Anchor Text
  2. Article Directories
  3. Link Exchange
  4. Link Wheel
  5. Tire-Back Link
  6. Link in Comments
  7. Build Link on all the platforms
  8. Blog Directories
  • Learn what is HTML & CSS

Learning HTML & CSS is good because HTML is the primary part of a website, you need to have knowledge about it to be a Pro SEO expert. You need to learn how do these codes work such as <p>, <a>, <head>, meta tag, title etc.

Be Patient to Become An SEO Expert

Nowadays Online SEO Course is in Trend there are many SEO Expert who teaches about SEO for new beginners and they charge a lot of amounts. If you think taking a course and learning it will make you an SEO expert, then you are wrong until and unless you don’t do it by your own on your own website or blog you won’t be an SEO expert. Have patient while you work on your website and blog it will defiantly give you a good and positive response.

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  • Conclusion

At the end of this article, no one will make you an expert, but your hard work will make you. Learning and practising by your own will one day make you an SEO expert. Making mistakes and learning from those mistakes is expertise keep learning and try new things to grow.

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