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Wondering which is the good blogging tool used for WordPress blogs? Well, You’ve come to the correct place! In this blog, we will be showing you some best blogging tools available on the web free/paid to help you for a better blog post, boost traffic to the website, rank on Google search and more.

In this blog post, I am sharing the best blogging tools for new bloggers. Blogging is an excellent marketing process for starting your online business. It provides a better opportunity to showcase your service, product and promote via your blog.

All you need to do is publish daily content if you are new for blogging.

New bloggers face lots of challenges in their blogging journey, to some of them do know how much effort does it take to blog, still blogging is not that easy. However, it requires 100% dedication as well as your skills too.

Tools that Every blogger Want


First of all, it’s vital to decide on the proper web hosting company. It should be reliable and trustworthy to keep your web site files secure.

The web hosting company should give a high-quality service activity such tasks as server maintenance, keeping its instrumentation up to date and etc. it’s crucial for your business to have a website with high time period parameters. Your blog should be online day and night to be continuously out there for your potential customers.

For the most half depends upon the net host which produce your life easier delivering. The services cleanly or on the contrary can cause loads of headaches, just in case you face true once the situation is often down.

Uptime history observance will save the trouble for you, serving to you to seek out a decent internet hosting resolution. If you do not need to manage your website downtime issues, regard the unbiased information provided by HRANK.

2. WordPress

About seventy-five million folks use CMS, it suggests that tons. There square measure tons of tech-savvy users among them aboard the beginners. All categories of bloggers realize WordPress useful.

It is straightforward to use this platform using thousands of tools, themes, plugins, etc. once you select this content management system, you get unlimited resources at your disposal to boost your blog.

Blogging is exciting with WordPress. It provides you with freedom of alternative and unbelievable prospects.

Besides, you usually have the support of a rather active community, thus it’s straightforward to resolve the technical problems even though you are doing not belong from a technical background.

3. Keywords Everywhere

The keyword all over search volume for quite 20+ websites like Google Analytics, Moz, Google Search Console, YouTube, Amazon Etc

The Keywords of all overextension is associated with SEO keyword analysis tool. That shows you helpful google keyword, search volume and price per click information on multiple websites.

This tool saves you the trouble of repeating information from numerous websites and mistreatment the Google Adwords keyword planner to visualize relevant search volume and CPC information.

These list of websites are presently supported. As we tend to support a lot of websites, we’ll add them to the list below.

  • Google Search – information is shown beneath the search box and within the right-hand.
  • Console – it shows within the Search Analytics page.
  • Analytics – shows the Organic and computer program optimization – Queries pages.
  • Trends – shows the information with all the queries contrivance.
  • – the information shown beneath the most text space next to keywords.
  • YouTube – the information shown beneath the search box.
  • Bing – the information shown beneath the search box.
  • Amazon – the information shown beneath the search box.
  • eBay – the information. Is shown beneath the search box.
  • – the information. Is shown next to every keyword everywhere the page.

The tool conjointly permits the user to induce keyword metrics for any list of keywords and conjointly lets the user transfer the list in stand out, CSV or PDF file formats.

How to Activate Keywords Everywhere

Click on this link: Keywords Everywhere

Once you visit on the website click on the “Install For Chrome” OR “Install For Firefox

Next, click on the option which says “GET API KEY” it will take you on this page below.

Once you click the link “GET API KEY” you be getting this screen for signup Keywords Everywhere.

Next, for signing up you need to provide a valid and active email address so that Keywords Everywhere can send. You the API Key for activation of the Keywords Everywhere Extension.

Step by step guide to install Keyword Everywhere

Once you fill-up the signup form you will be receiving an email from Keywords Everywhere, on the registered email address which you have provided while signing up Keywords Everywhere like this.

Now, Click on the link to generate the API KEY.

Now, Just select the Country where you reside if you are Indian than select India or select any other country in which you belong too and then select the Currency in which you want to see the monthly keyword search and CPC amount.

That’s all now click on Validate you are all done.

4. Pixabay

Find high-quality free images without copyright this is very important to every blogger. Best images make a great blog article. The next list for the best blogging tools is – Pixabay – which helps you find amazing and high-quality free stock images. For Free of charge.

How to get the most out of Pixabay Images

Pixabay images are free to use for personal and for commercial use. when you start using Pixabay images, it’ll provide you with nice featured images without copywriting to use it for your website or blog.

The main magic happens here once you start using these images in your blog post to break the paragraph, there is the best free stock images website for bloggers.

For example, you’ll use those photos in Canva to edit and create a wonderful background and banner to overlay for the text on them.

5. Grammarly

It is a wonderful tool for bloggers who wish to avoid errors in their blog posts. Grammarly scans the text trying to find grammatical mistakes, writing system, and punctuation mistakes.

The tool is embedded in numerous code product for an example, Microsoft Word. This is often a good proofreading tool that improves your writing skills.

Just add to Chrome and signup with a Gmail account all done.

6. Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is definitely one in every of the foremost necessary items of blogging or web site management. one in every of the most effective blogging tools for SEO is Yoast SEO, that makes certain you cowl all the SEO basics and all your pages and posts are properly optimized.

How to use Yoast SEO

What I like regarding Yoast is its extreme simplicity of use. All you’ve got to do to follow their directions. Creating a blog post will also help you to use the Yoast Plugins for SEO purpose wherein, it will help you to find the SEO errors in red and orange you need to fix those errors and make them in green for the best result so that your page or blog can rank as quickly as possible on Seach Engine.

How to get started with Yoast SEO Plugins

After installing the plugins you have to first activate the plugins, by going through a few steps so that it will be activated properly. Once the activation is done you have to configure the setting of Yoast SEO tool for better result.

That’s All, you are Good to Go!

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