10 Best AMP Blogger Templates in 2019 – With Ads Ready & Mobile SEO Friendly


Searching For Free Best AMP Blogger Templates Then Yes you have reached on the correct article. In this Article, You Will be Finding one of the Free Best AMP Blogger Templates.

If Your search has ended on this article then you must know about What is Google AMP and how it works but still, I will be describing more about it for you to understand more about AMP.

What is Google AMP and what it is used?

In technical knowledge, AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is kind of a new project or frameworks which was created by Google to load web pages load faster on mobile phones. Google AMP Helps you to Render webpages quickly for static content.

We All knew that everybody has Mobile Phones nowadays and most of the traffic comes from Mobile Phones only therefore if our website won’t open quickly In Mobile Phones. Then here we tend to lose our organic traffic from Google or any other search engine. As a result here if the webpage is not opening in 2-3 seconds then we tend to lose the traffic and the user opens some other webpages.

So if you don’t want to lose your website traffic, then you should use AMP If your blog or a website’s traffic comes from Mobile Devices. therefore your Webpages Opens quickly.

Introduction about what is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Know More About Accelerated Mobile Pages Watch Following Video below.


Why You Should Use AMP Blogger Templates or Themes

After reading the above content and watching the Youtube video I hope you must have Understood About what is Google AMP. Now you must be having a question that what is the use of AMP Blogger Templates or Themes.

If you have a website hosted on WordPress then you can use the AMP WordPress Plugin which will helps you to easily convert your webpages into AMP it’s easy and simple. But If you are doing Blogging on a Blogger.com then you must use Free Blogger template If you are unaware about how to doing coding and customization manually.

Here is the list of Best Free AMP Blogger Templates

Here is the list of all Responsive templates, SEO friendly, Mobile-friendly, Adsense Ads Ready with the fast loading speed, Free AMP best blogger Templates. All the Templates comes with very rich-featured, best premium looking, neatly designed. You can choose any AMP Template from the list below.

1. Infinite Best Free AMP Blogger Template

Infinity is one of the best free AMP Blogger Template. Fully Responsive, SEO Friendly, Mobile Friendly and Google Adsense Ready Template.

2. Blanterde Best Free AMP Blogger Template

Blanterde is one of the most beautiful designs for AMP Blogger Template. It is suitable for personal blogging website who wants to earn money using Google Adsense. Blanterde is Responsive, SEO Friendly and it has a good location to show Google Ads Like, Header, Sidebar, Above the content and above the footer.

3. Blog AMP – Best Google AMP Blogger Template with SEO Friendly

4. Goo AMP – Seo Friendly AMP Blogger Template

5. Maknyus – Best Free Google AMP Blogger Template

Maknyus is a simple looking two column-free design template with awesome features like having Mobile Responsive, Seo Friendly with the fast loading speed and has a different area to place ads.

6. Noname – Is also Free AMP Blogger Template

7. Vletters – AMP Blogger template

8. AMP HTML – Best Mobile Website Template

9. Sahabat AMP – Free Best Blogger Template

10. The AMP – Best Free AMP Blogger Template


End of this post choose any one of the templates for blogging with amp ready for fastest loading website. I hope now you know what is AMP and which template to use for your niche purpose. All the above free templates are mobile responsive, SEO mobile-friendly, google ads ready.

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