How to Sign Up For ShareASale Affiliate Marketing To Make Money


Want the best affiliate marketing website, today I will be showing you the website which is  ShareASale. Which is one of the popular affiliate marketing websites in 2019, that can help you earn more extra income?

In this blog, you will be learning how to apply for a ShareASale account & start earning from this popular Affiliate website.

What is ShareASale?

ShareASale was first started in 2000 & soon it became a popular service, for marketers to launch an affiliate program for product and services.

At first bloggers & Affiliate marketers can find a very new Affiliate Website and join them. In this blog, you will understand how ShareASale works & how to use ShareASale.

Before I share this blog, you should know these 3 terms to join ShareASale:

  • Merchants: Merchants are the business owners who set up their affiliate program. So that the affiliate marketing can join and get more sales to their business and earn a fixed commission.
  • Affiliate marketers: Users like me and you who joins an affiliate program and promote online via blog, website, PPC or any other ways.
  • Affiliate Marketplace: A marketplace where an affiliate can create new opportunities to join an affiliate program.

Any which way, all other affiliate marketing models are the same with different UI and features. Now as you have a clear understanding, let’s learn how to use ShareASale affiliate marketing to earn money.

Click here to Signup instead on ShareASale

Follow these simple step to join the Affiliate Program.

Step: 1

Once you visit the website if you are a merchant. Then click on the blue box or click on the yellow box which is highlighted in red, if you want to promote these products and services on your blog or website online.

Step: 2

After clicking on I want to promote this merchant on my website it will take you to the signup page fill up the form as shown.

Create your username first, and then create a password to log in again confirm the same password. Choice the country where you live in or where your website is.

Next click on the blue button to Move on the next step.

Step: 3

Here you need to provide your website domain name as shown in the following image, select in what language is your website written.

If your website does not contain any adult link, images or videos then check the NO box. Check the following boxes and click on Move to step 3.

Step: 4

Its very simple, you just have to provide a valid email address to associate your account with affiliate marketing.

Step: 5

In this step, you have to provide your personal information such as your full name, phone number, address etc

Do remember the 4 digit which is support pin which will help you further if your account faces any problem. And write something about your website like how much days or monthly visitor you are getting on your website for fast approval.

Step: 6

Just agree to the user agreement check both the boxes which will be unchecked and click on Complete Application.

Here you have successfully signed up for ShareASale Affiliate Marketing Program. Now you have to wait for 24 hours for approval once they approve your application you will receive an email on the given email address while signing up.

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